PegasusDAO Video Contest

Pegasi, we are taking our first step towards enabling financial literacy across the DAO space.

Who better than you who are at the cutting edge of the crypto space to help us educate?

Come be the protagonist and use your creativity and talent to produce high-quality educational videos aimed at new members of the community and beyond!

Follow the guidelines, be on-topic, and keep your target audience in mind for a chance to win up to 50 SUS!

If your production value is extremely high, we will reward you accordingly and get you to be part of our team!


👥Target Audience: 👥

The focus of your inspiration should be new community members, those who are not yet involved in crypto or DAO space, and those who are not aware of the true potential of the advantages of crypto in general.

Given the entry-level of the target, we suggest keeping the language as discursive as possible, using as many concrete examples and references that are familiar to a general audience. The videos you’ll create can follow one or more of the listed themes, but they must mention PegasusDAO and their vision of education literacy in it.

⭐️ Categories: ⭐️

  1. What are DAOs? Explanatory videos about how DAOs work, why they are growing in popularity.
  2. How to onboard to Cronos, set up meta mask, purchase SUS, step by step.
  3. How to bridge funds from others chains to Cronos? What are all the methods to do it?
  4. What is DeFi? How is it different from traditional finance?

📝 How to Participate: 📝

  1. Create a video that adheres to the guidelines described above and is consistent with the theme and audience to which it is directed. A video can have multiple themes too. Let your creativity flow!
  2. Post 30 seconds to the one-minute version of your video on Twitter and add a link to the full video on one of the channels you administrate ( YouTube, Vimeo, personal website, streamyard, crowdcast, or other) while using the following hashtags in the post $SUS #ohmfork #blockchain #CRO #CRONOS #PegasusDAO #crypto #CryptoEducation
  3. Tag 2 friends in your tweet.
  4. Join the discord channel: post your video in the #contribute channel once.
  5. Join Tg channel: and .
  6. Fill and submit this google form that is designed for the competition registration with the following information: email address, link to your Twitter post, link to where the full video was posted, or to the google drive where the full video lives ( make sure viewing permissions are activated), CRONOS mainnet address were you will receive the price if you will result as one of the winners.

🏆 Total prize pool: 50 SUS and more!🏆

1st Place — 30 SUS

2nd Place — 20SUS

If we really love your video, we WILL bring in you as a content creator to the team and compensate you accordingly!

🗓 Duration of the contest 🗓

Dec 20th - Jan 1st, 2022. Winners will be announced on Jan 7th.

Prizes Distribution: Direct payment will be performed after Jan 7th to the winners via direct payment to the wallets they have provided via the official google form provided at the moment of the registration in the competition.


Videos must be appropriate for viewing by the general public and by a multicultural international community. By submitting a video, individuals/teams agree to allow PegasusDAO to use their videos for marketing, promotion, information, and education purposes, at no cost. PegasusDAO reserve the right to publicize and promote the video for their own purposes. All work will be given credit to the creators.



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