PegasusDAO: Token Distribution + Liquidity Offering


DAOs, as we have seen, focus solely on profitability for each user, generating a high ROI, obsessing about exactly where the treasury has been invested, and how many Lamborghinis someone could potentially buy in 365 days.

PegasusDAO shifts this narrative slightly.

Instead, our long-term goal is to enable a greater global focus on financial literacy and education within the DAO space, inspiring people around the world to get involved through popular culture and substantial media outreach. We have seen too many people invest in what they don’t understand in the hopes of making a quick buck and decided that it was time for us to change that.

Our target market is not just the typical DeFi degen who wants to shill their latest find, but also the boomer/millennial/gen-Z’er with little to no experience in the crypto space that wants to actually educate themselves and get involved in a movement that we believe to be the future of banking and money. Our partnerships are focused on bringing in new capital and new money from such individuals into PegasusDAO — and this expansive approach is what separates us from the rest. Many DAOs focus on strengthening their internal communities only, whereas we believe that a volume-based approach targeting new growth is paramount, supported by outbound influencer marketing. On-ramping an entirely new generation of investors is vital to our success, and we will still retain community support and literacy for experienced investors as well.

Regarding our next steps as we prepare for launch, PegasusDAO has concluded its collection of Whitelisted Cronos addresses, and is pleased to announce the details of our Liquidity Procurement Offering (LPO)!

We’d like to thank the community for their enthusiastic involvement in the conversations, creative submissions, Pegasus contests, and quizzes. We are amazed by your generosity!

Enough niceties. Let’s talk.

Liquidity Procurement Offering (LPO)

Our Liquidity Procurement Offering (LPO) will be broken up into 3 components. A presale, public sale, and founders sale.

Liquidity Procurement Offering. Total of 465k USDC raised.

A total of 465,000 USDC will be raised and will be used to bootstrap the initial stages of PegasusDAO! More on how we’ll allocate these funds, below!

  • Our liquidity launch campaign will utilize the stable coin USDC on Cronos (
  • We have selected 350 whitelisted users who will have access to the presale for a 24-hour period.
  • After the 24-hr presale period closes, we will open access to the public to fill any unclaimed allocations, plus an additional 50,000 USDC. Public sale access is limited to a max of 500 USDC per wallet.
  • Any unclaimed allocations from the whitelisted presale will roll over to the public sale.

Token Structure


SUS will start with an initial supply of 105,000 SUS. There is no maximum supply, as the amount of the tokens grows as people stake & mint. SUS's initial price was set at 5 USDC.

Initial Token Distribution. A total of 110k SUS.

Pegasus Liquidity Offering (88,000 SUS)

70,000 SUS will be sold to people with the “Whitelisted” role on our discord for a price of 5 USDC per SUS, with a maximum allocation of 1000 USDC per person. There is no minimum.

5,000 SUS will be sold to people in our public sale. The price will also be set at 10 USDC per SUS, with a maximum allocation of 500 USDC per person

13,000 SUS will be sold off to founders of the DAO, who will be paying for their tokens. Yes, we all have skin in the game and that is how it should be!

0 SUS will be sold off to VCs. This DAO is entirely ours to grow.

Initial Liquidity (10,000 SUS)

These SUS tokens will be paired with 100,000 USDC to add initial liquidity on Cronaswap.

Note that this means that PegasusDAO will launch at a Market cap of 1.1M = 110k * 10$. We believe this is a modest estimate (less than 2x of what we are raising — 465k USDC).

Development + Marketing Team (7,000 SUS)

The development and marketing team will be entrusted with a total of 7,000 SUS. We sourced the best talent, and have partnered with some legendary marketing execs so we felt that these incentives were imperative to bolstering Pegasus’ success and awareness.

How will we allocate funds?

The funds raised in our LPO will be used as so:

  • $250,000 USDC will be used to fund daily operational costs, development, and marketing expenditures.
  • $100,000 USDC will be used to bootstrap the USDC/SUS liquidity pool on Cronaswap at a rate of 1 $SUS = 10 $USDC. The LP tokens will be permanently locked inside Pegasus DAO’s treasury.
  • $115,000 USDC will be sent to the Treasury to secure the initial value of Pegasus DAO.

How will we fund ongoing development and marketing needs to blow Pegasus up?

Pegasi themselves are empowering the PegasusDAO brand, which we aim to blend with popular culture in the entertainment and media spaces to fuel our global vision towards DAO education and proper financial literacy. Our founders are industry veterans across crypto, finance and entertainment, who will encourage our user-base to embark on a journey of greater understanding as we grow together.

We believe that the ship is as only as strong as the team that steers the boat. If we want to build a strong and profitable DAO, we must create a war chest of funds to allocate towards writing innovative code, securing viral ad campaigns, and locking in VC-style deal flow.

The development side of our team is composed of individuals who have developed for Top 200 Crypto projects. These individuals are crucial in executing our core vision of generating life-changing venture-style investment opportunities for Pegasus holders.

Our marketing side of the team comprises of individuals who have launched successful campaigns for crypto projects with world-renowned media figures and entertainment stars. We have BIG plans. Some of those plans include:

  • Music Artist Partnerships
  • Gamer/Streamer Partnerships
  • Visual and Graphic Design Artwork Commission
  • A Times Square Billboard in NYC
  • Digital Marketing + Articles
  • 4chan Viral Meme campaigns
  • The Pegasus Pepes
  • and much, much more…

To fund these ambitious goals we will divert 10% of incoming bond dollars from the treasury towards our marketing fund.

If you’re reading this and actively involved as a fellow Pegasi, you’re about to become a part of something that is leaps and bounds above other DAOs that you may have seen, supported by a great founding team. We believe transparency with our community is best. Please feel free to reach out to us on Discord as we prepare for launch, and we would be happy to answer your questions if at all possible.

Thank you for flying into the sky with us and we’re excited to show you what we have in store…


Disclaimer: By reading this Medium article, you warrant and understand that investing, contributing, staking, or bonding USDC or any other coin into PegasusDAO and our protocol is experimental and risky.

Consider your funds high in the sky, and do not invest more than you can afford to lose. You acknowledge that you are trusting a community of 8000+ strangers on the internet on a random Discord server.

You acknowledge that PegasusDAO and any known affiliates or assignees bear no liability for monetary or financial loss due to changing market conditions in our ecosystem, that any investor may deem unfavorable even though we use an Automated Market Maker (AMM) system to distribute and reallocate funds through our Treasury to stakers and bonders.



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